Natural Cold Remedy: Melaleuca Tea

I am going to let you in on a little “mama secret.” Actually, if you have been reading Zest for any length of time, you probably already know that I have let you in on a few of my secrets when in comes to natural health. There has been my bone broth, my turmeric milk tea, my kale soup, oh…and my apple cider vinegar shots. These are all beyond great, and definitely part of my arsenal. However, there is only one remedy that I have seen work magic in lightening speed with total predictability.

Benefits of Melaleuca Oil
Otherwise known as melaleuca alternifolia, tea tree leaves and oil have been used for thousands of years by the native Aborigines in Australia. Thankfully, this little wonder has made it’s way into a more broad audience and right into my medicine cabinet! Why do I call it a wonder? Simple! The benefits of tea tree oil are exponential, including:
* antiviral *
* antibacterial *
* antimicrobial *
* antifungal *
* antiseptic *
Yup, it’s good at killing the bad stuff! I have been using it for ages on my skin (keeping those pesky pimples at bay), and as an addition to my toothpaste and mouthwash. When diluted, it is amazing at healing cuts, as well.
When cold and flu season begins, I have long considered melaleuca oil to be my heavy hitter. It’s potential for killing the critters and boosting my immune system is not to be ignored. I love the G’Day Herbal Tea from the Melaleuca Company, as it blends the melaleuca alternifolia leaves with cinnamon and chamomile, but I recently have opted for the quick punch of just a couple of drops of pure melaleuca oil in my tea.

Those glints of shimmering oil are medicine to my soul!
Picture this:
Sean and I managed to carve out time for a little getaway to Lake Tahoe to celebrate 18 years of marriage. All three of our kids where staying with grandma, the animals were taken care of and the plants were getting watered. All was set! The car was packed and ready. We chatted away during the long car ride and we were so excited to explore Tahoe together in the crisp air amongst the changing leaves. It was going to be hiking during the days, then great restaurants at night followed up with soaks in the rooftop jacuzzi at the hotel. Perfectly chill and fun! However, as soon as we pulled into the hotel for a late night check-in, I seriously felt like I was coming down with a legit flu. My throat was hurting, my head was throbbing and the aches were well on their way. I was devastated! All I could imagine was a trip with my sweet hubby just wasted by the stupid common flu. Thankfully, the lobby had tea and my purse had a bottle of melaleuca oil! Game-set-match!

My routine is actually quite simple. Whenever I feel that tickle coming to the back of my throat, and my head starts to feel heavy and full, I brew up a cup of my favorite tea. Any brew will do, but you may want to stay away from caffeine when you are feeling under the weather. Then I add in 2-3 drops of melaleuca oil and a good stir of raw honey. I don’t know what to tell you other than, this mama will undoubtedly wake up the next morning feeling fine. In fact, we are almost into December, and while I watched peeps succumb to all kind of sicknesses, I have managed to combat things in one day with my trusty oil! WHERE is a piece of wood that I can knock on!?!

This is where I say “cheers” to good health and fighting those pesky colds before they take over your body and have you moping around dreaming of feeling better. As soon as you feel that bug trying to get ‘ya, brew up a cup, if ‘ya dare! This “medicine” is a permanent fixture in MY medicine cabinet!