Napkin Folding Inspiration

I think that one of the easiest ways to look extra thoughtful when you set a table is to do a napkin fold. Not only can it be fun to do some napkin origami to impress your friends, but it really brings the bar high in making an ordinary table setting extra special. Napkins are one element of the dining table that can bring color, texture, and also be eclectic. Whether it’s different color schemes, prints and patterns or fold- napkins are quite zesty. Today I am going to show you some simple folds that are great to have up your sleeve, especially as the holiday approach!!

The Stacked Square

This fold is by far the most simple and easiest. What this look is really about is having a bread and butter or salad plate that you need to incorporate. I love the layering look when it comes to clothes (which is probably why I love fall) so why not bring that to your plate? Layer the dinner plate with the napkin and smaller plate to have a stacked presentation of color.

different napkin folding_0011

Fold your square and time to stack!

different napkin foldings_0005

The Bowl

This look is great for storing something on the plate- chopsticks, a favor, maybe a little fortune or truffle for dessert? You name it! First take a square napkin and fold to make a triangle. Next fold about one inch of the napkin over to create a smaller triangle. Next take the far right corner and fold the triangle in alf to have both ends meet. Lastly fold the far left corner towards the right and let a small flap of the triangle overhang.

different napkin foldings_0000

This will create a small “pocket” different napkin foldings_0001

Fold the top flap over the outside of the pocked and voila….different napkin foldings_0002

The Bow

This one is for my dear gal Tera Perry who LOVES all things bows!! Simply tale a napkin and fold it into thirds. Next fold both halves towards each other like so.

different napkin folding_0010

See? Next pinch the center together, creating an accordion look. different napkin foldings_0003

Flip the napkin over with the fold remaining and slip a napkin ring on to secure the bunching, creating a bow!

different napkin foldings_0004

The Menu Pocket

Next we have a little cubby that we are creating for a menu, table number or even a little note. First make sure you have a piece of paper that resembles the size, or the actual menu. We don’t want to see the seam so start with folding about one inch up towards the menu. Next fold about 4 inches up towards the menu. Then simply tuck the sides under the base of the napkin to create a “pocket.”

different napkin foldings_0007different napkin foldings_0006

The Triple Staircase

I have to admit this one looks complicated and snazzy but is actually really easy! Here we are going to create a pocket for the fork, knife and spoon- hence the triple staircase. Start by folding your napkin in half to create a rectangle. Next fold one more time to create a square. The pull back on layer of the napkin, just like the pic in bottom right.

different napkin foldings_0008

Fold that first layer all the way to meet the bottom left corner. Then you are going to repeat this step twice more, but these times you are tucking the fold into the previous one.

different napkin foldings_0009

Got your three folds? Now time to make this square a rectangle by folding the sides in. different napkin foldings_0011

Voila!different napkin foldings_0010different napkin foldings_0012

The Knot

Ok this fold is probably my favorite!! Not only is it fast and easy, but I never really see this one so I like that it’s more unique and rustic. First take your napkin and tie both sides together loosely. Then take the opposing sides and tie them together a bit tighter. This will create a loose knot. I loved adding some aroma with a sprig of rosemary- so fun!

different napkin foldings_0013different napkin foldings_0014

Have fun zesting with napkins!!