Mmmmonday’s: Raku || Japanese Fusion Cuisine

The day before Christmas Eve and the streets are bustling with last minute frenzy.  Sam and I have been scampering around, tying up loose ends as well.  Even in San Luis Obispo County that means some traffic and parking frustration.  However, I do have to say that this LA girl can hardly believe how polite the Christmas shopping vibe can be on the Central Coast….very bizarre and very awesome!  But, despite the merriment and the kindness, shopping takes it outta ya!  So, in the midst of all our running around, Sam and I found the rest and refreshment we needed to restore us for another bout with the stores.

The perfect place for us was Raku…..


….because there is nothin’ like some awesomely ingenious Japanese food to give you pause in the midst of the Christmas rush.

In all seriousness, I had been dying to take Sam here!  Born and raised in LA, I was literally raised on sushi.  As you can imagine, I have some pretty big opinions on Japanese cuisine.  In fact, my quintessential sushi experience is a super cool joint called Ahi Sushi in Studio City.  The place is high on atmosphere, but insane on seafood quality and dish creativity.  Oh my goodness….just talking about that place is making me home sick for LA (gotta just remember the nightmares in the parking lots and stores and freeways and….well you get the picture).

Back to my new hometown and the scrumptiousness that is Raku!  First off, you instantly feel special when you walk into the space.  The thoughtful design had Samantha and I “OOOOOing” and “AAAAHHing” the minute we walked in.



First up on my ordering-must is their spicy garlic edamame.  Seriously delicious….Sam was floored by the big flavor and addictive quality of this dish.


Now, HELLOOOOO Popcorn Lobster Roll and Morro Bay Roll!!!!  Yummmmmmmm  Gotta love some killer spicy scallops!

IMG_7662IMG_7660We were two seriously satisfied sushi-addicts.

IMG_7663Gosh, now I have cravings 🙂


Chanda & Sam