Mmmmonday: Crazy Sushi Fever!!!

Nope.  That’s not just a cute quip.  That’s the name of the sushi haunt that we visited for my favorite day of the week:  Mmmmonday!!


If you haven’t had a chance to hit Crazy Sushi Fever in Atascadero, you may want to give this sushi bar a test run.  I really enjoy how creative they get on the menu, fusing sushi lover’s favorites with slightly less conventional nuances.  Really quite scrumptious….and I can admittedly be a bit of a sushi snob!  Extra kudos for their ambiance, too.  It is just snazzy enough with the steel, black and orange to make for a nice night out….and you can’t beat that they are serving up some of BarrelHouse’s fine brews as well!  Score!

Here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_1748(pp_w705_h528)IMG_1745(pp_w705_h940)IMG_1746(pp_w705_h940)IMG_1740(pp_w705_h528)IMG_1741(pp_w705_h528)crazy_sushi_fever.6I love their menu item titles!!!  Hilarious!crazy_sushi_feverIMG_1742(pp_w705_h528)IMG_1744(pp_w705_h940)IMG_1743(pp_w705_h940)

Oh, and here are a couple of food pix from a previous visit (I told you I was a sushi freak!! but no, not a pig who ate all this in one sitting lol)

crazy_sushi_fever.7crazy_sushi_fever.9crazy_sushi_fever.2crazy_sushi_fever.3crazy_sushi_fever.8Major NOM-NOM!  It’s official….I’ve got sushi fever!  I’m tellin’ ya, when the temp hits the triple digits, there is nothing like some fresh sushi and an ice cold beer!

So, get your grub on!