Mmmmmmonday: Upper Crust

Oh boy, have I told you just how much I love our Mmmmmmmondays?  It’s such a rough life having to explore around the Central Coast, finding unique eats and sips to share with y’all on a weekly basis….but I guess someone has gotta do it 😉

While lunch at San Luis Obispo’s Upper Crust was some typical Italian fare, we wanted to share with you some super special cocktails that we discovered that really screamed Fall in a delicious way!

IMG_6630These sound gorgeous, don’t they?!  Well, if you know anything about me and my love all things spicy, you better believe that I called the Bee Sting.  Besides, I’m a serious fan of anything in a martini glass.  IMG_6631Oh geesh, this concoction was something heavenly.  The warm sweetness of the honey was perfectly balanced with the acidity of the lemon and the kick of jalapeno.  Seriously, the jalapeno seeds were literally floating……Elysium for a girl like me.  Bring on the hotsie-totsie.

However, sweet Sam was a die-hard for the Autumn Cider….it’s was a perfect libation for the girl who worked at the See Canyon Fruit Ranch during her college years.  Besides, who could resist apples and rum with a big fat cinnamon stick!  IMG_6632We had the awesome perk of our intern, Brittany, meeting up with us for breaking bread (gotta share the Zest perks of Mmmmmmondays, right?).

But what did we eat??  Oh, an Italian array of salads, sandwiches and uh-hemmmmm…..ravioli that was practically dessert.  Introducing Upper Crust‘s pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli with a heavy cream and cinnamon sauce.  Seriously, it’s dessert!

IMG_6635If you do anything, try to make time for a quickie cocktail at Upper Crust with the girls…..even if it is 12 noon!!  Haha

Peace out, lovelies!

Chanda and Sam