MMMmmmmonday: Taste!

One of our favorite spots to stop in for a yummy lunch is Taste! 


They have such a great menu of selections, in fact too many selections! Chanda and I constantly find ourselves scratching our heads in agony trying to narrow down what we want to try. The way the menu works is you can choose from the following…

“taste union” 2 sliders with a soup to salad or 3 sliders

“taste trio” one mini mac, one slider, one soup or salad

“taste duo” one mini mac or slider and then soup or salad

plus there are a ton of great full sized salads, bruschetta selections, and a happy hour!

Seems simple right? Well check out their new winter menu!! Ehhmm now you get why it’s so hard??

IMG_8071So we buckled down and did our usual splitting so we could accomplish tasting the  most flavors possible! We ordered the….”Shanks a lot” (lamb shank slider), “Baja Burger” (has avocado, pepper jack and jalepeno on it), “French Flyer” (Lemon Herb Chicken with brie and apple chutney), Blue cheese and Bacon Mac, Hail to the Kale salad and the Quinoa Salad.

IMG_8078IMG_8077Our top three favorite taste’s: Shank’s a lot, Hale to the Kale salad and of course the Blue Cheese Bacon Mac n’ cheese

IMG_8072We also had to order the Sauvignon blanc to finally ring in the new year together 🙂

IMG_8075Cheers!! Happy tastin’ at Taste!