MMMMmmmonday: Bravo’s Pizza

Well as you know we spend a lot of time at our commissary cooking up tasty meals for hundred of people, but sometimes we will stop to actually feed ourselves! One of our new favorite pizza places is conveniently across the street!! Meet Bravo’s Pizza…

bravo_pizza_atascadero_0594Not only do they deliver but they have gluten free crust plus some amazing greek options amongst their pizzas, salads, sandwiches and pastas!

bravo_pizza_atascadero_0590bravo_pizza_atascadero_0591bravo_pizza_atascadero_0592We were eating on the run today so we ordered up our favorite, the Spinach Smooch (gluten free) as well as a tasty Gyros Salad!!


If you don’t order the gluten free crust they make an AMAZING sesame seed toasted crust, MMMmmmm

bravo_pizza_atascadero_0595It was safe to say even Kristi was happy with our tasty meal stop today 🙂

Definitely check this one out!