Mini Pallet Air Plant Decor

This project definitely lives up to it’s name!! I was able to get my supplies for this project for practically nothing- gotta love when that happens. Pallets have been the trend for a few years now- from vertical garden beds to actual bed frames or coffee tables- people have managed to pull them apart and build some pretty extraordinary crafts. With that we all love mini things right? I mean ping pong is mini tennis, we have dwarf plants, playhouses, even the nickname of “mini me.” SO why not take that a step further and build a mini pallet- you feeling me? I knew just the person I wanted to make this craft for! My brother’s girlfriend, Tiffany (who happens to have a blog too- shout out here!) just recently built a pallet bed frame so I thought a little mini pallet decor for the room would be befitting. Ready to zest?


17 Paint sticks (they are free at most department stores)

Hot Glue & Gun

Air plants (optional)

wooden crate wall decoration_0000

Start by laying three sticks out horizontally stacked and equally spaced (like the pic below) Next Glue two sticks together back to back…wooden crate wall decoration_0001wooden crate wall decoration_0002wooden crate wall decoration_0003

This will serve as our “strongest” support piece for the pallet….wooden crate wall decoration_0004

Next glue this piece so it is standing up vertically but connects all three flat horizontal sticks….wooden crate wall decoration_0005wooden crate wall decoration_0006

Make another back to back pair and glue in the center of all three sticks vertically….wooden crate wall decoration_0007

And one more time at the base of all three sticks.

Next add some glue to the vertical sticks and lay the single stick face down on the glue like so….wooden crate wall decoration_0008

Repeat…. Repeat….Repeat….wooden crate wall decoration_0009

All done and so easy!!wooden crate wall decoration_0010

I decided to add some extra zest and flare to mine with these fun cork letters I scored at Michaels Craft Store wooden crate wall decoration_0011wooden crate wall decoration_0012

Simply snuggle your air plant in and it’s ready to zest up your wall!wooden crate wall decoration_0013wooden crate wall decoration_0014

p.s. to water your air plant simply remove and soak in a bowl of water