Midcentury Office Organizer

Thrifty Thursday

This nifty-thrifty project has our hearts thumping for retro-style!  It’s pretty rare that we can pass up cool midcentury office pieces.  A while back we found the coolest sage colored metal desk that probably graced someone’s office back in 1963…the massive heft of the piece had us all aflutter.  So, when we found the cool little mail sorter below, we knew it was destined for our office.  With a little reimagining, we were going to put this bad boy to work!

hanging filer_0000


metal wall sorter

painter’s tape

Rustoleum spray paint

hanging filer_0001

I’m not gonna lie y’all, this is pretty basic!  We decided on a simple pattern, taped it off and gave the piece several light coats of the spray paint.  If you do several light coats, you will be less likely to fall prey to frustration (Aka, less chances of drips and goops!).

paper filing wall_0000

We are enjoying the bold visual of getting organized!
hanging wall filer_0001

The bright yellow just makes this little midcentury cutie sing!

Cheers to getting beautifully organized!


Chanda & Sam