Mercury Glass Frames

I love finding junk on the side of the road…it literally is a major happy spot for me.  When I found these two frames, I knew I had a treasure.  I LOVE mercury glass!  And I loved the oval shape, too.

First step, of course was to clean them up…sounds easy, right?  Whelp, there must have been about 50 spider egg sacs on the back of each of these frames.  That is not a fun time for someone who is an admitted arachnaphobe (hey, I am a total science and nature I love to watch and study spiders in their habitat…it’s just when they all of a sudden appear in my habitat that the prob begins.  Ya see, it’s the surprise factor that really creeps me out.  I was scarred as a child when I had the untimely misfortune of walking up my backyard steps at precisely the same time that some spider’s egg sac burst forth.  It was a scene right out of Charlotte’s Web, only all the hundreds of tiny baby spiders let out their drag lines and literally covered my legs with creepy crawlies.  Consequently…I HATE the surprise factor!)

Onto the washing!

Oh man, do I love that mercury glass effect!  I am going to keep you posted as soon as I get some of Krylon’s Looking Glass Spray, cuz I am going to bust out a ton of mercury glass beauties in the form of vases and votives for an upcoming ball that we are designing.  But, in the meantime, check out how pretty these beauties turned out (I’m sure you recognize them from the Bridal Expo post).

I know that it is not everyday that one stumbles on such a cool find, but what an awesome solution for framing.  I love the idea of using paint instead of matting for a picture…it is so easy and looks really unique.  You could even go ultra modern with a crisp white spray paint…you could do a circle or even multiple circles on the glass for one image.  Or how about a checker board painted on the glass with images of your kids peeking out.  I could even see a variegated stripe pattern.  I love it!  And all you need is some painter’s tape and spray paint.

Have fun, and thanks for checking out our Zests!