Meet our Zesty Garden

Find & Fix it Friday

On Today’s find and fix it we get zesty with my yard! Whoop Whoop!! We have a few acres of weeds here on the Nason Ranch- aka not a pretty view. As I am sure you can imagine Chanda and I are constantly shopping for fresh herbs to use in our blogs posts and weddings, why not have the freshest you can get from your own backyard? And in zest fashion, it must be cute and innovative!! So with that said today’s post will be the first of  a few Zest Garden series where we show you progress, tips and fun garden projects you can do for your yard. This also turned into a family affair….Billy started off by grading the land and then laying gravel. Work that tractor B!!how_to_build_a Garden_0458

Once we had a clear slate we were ready to zest! I scored some large containers on craigslist for $10 each- I see these online all the time! Check it out!! Now let me say two things-1- they are not very impressive to the eye. We will be zesting these bad boys to make their appeal more zesty. 2- They will not last forever, in hopes to reinforce the wood we plan to cover with some material- but that’s for another day and another post! We also snagged my old daybed to make a fun garden feature…

how_to_build_a Garden_0492

First we drilled holes through the wooden boxes….my bro’s fiancé Michaela was working the drill!

how_to_build_a Garden_0484

Next up we positioned everything where we wanted it, creating circulation in the garden. I had a few plants I had been growing on the patio that we moved to the garden area to fill it out as well….

how_to_build_a Garden_0480

how_to_build_a Garden_0482

Remember this arch we got from a friend? I think it has seen it’s day in the wedding world, time to make it the entry to our garden. how_to_build_a Garden_0486

how_to_build_a Garden_0485

All is even and placed. Now time to make our “flower bed” When we first moved in there was one planter that had been sitting in the sun over the years, time to rescue it and put it to use! The bed fit perfectly inside- score!

how_to_build_a Garden_0465

Now to reinforce the sides….

how_to_build_a Garden_0463

And next we stripped the bed of the black mesh/spring…

how_to_build_a Garden_0466

how_to_build_a Garden_0464

And for protective measure we lined the bottom with weed blocker….

how_to_build_a Garden_0461

Now to fill everything with dirt! We scored some mushroom compost on craigslist too! Simply call and they will deliver!

how_to_build_a Garden_0462

how_to_build_a Garden_0481

And now for the fun part, planting! A quick trip to Ace and we were ready to get our thumbs green…. or shall i say brown? Time to play in the dirt!

how_to_build_a Garden_0470how_to_build_a Garden_0472how_to_build_a Garden_0474how_to_build_a Garden_0488how_to_build_a Garden_0489

We planted: heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, jalapeños, thyme, chives, parsley, oregano, flowers, artichokes, beans, kale, tarragon, mint, strawberries, pumpkin, & watermelon- we can’t wait to see it all take off!

Also- do you know how to make a bean pole? Let us show you!

Snag some rope and three long sticks, we scored some bamboo sticks from the dollar store!

how_to_build_a Garden_0490

Make a tee-pee with the sticks and tie together. Then start to weave your web with the rope for the bean tendrils to climb….

how_to_build_a Garden_0459how_to_build_a Garden_0491

All set!!

We can’t wait to show you the growth and progress of our garden!

how_to_build_a Garden_0471

how_to_build_a Garden_0469

By the way did we mention it was 99 degrees out this day while we were sweating in the sun? Now that is a labor of love, cheers to a hot long work day! (A well earned cold one- bahhaha)

how_to_build_a Garden_0487


Sam & Chanda