Meet Maya

What’s up you ask?? Well I have had many sleepless nights and potty duty this week- but all worth it for this new bundle of joy in our family! Meet little miss Maya Nason.

black lag sitting and staring at the camera

She is the latest zester in the fam- a 14 week old black lab 🙂 I completely surprised Billy with this furry friend this past week for his upcoming birthday. That’s right, I actually kept a secret from him!! (this can often be a struggle for us because we just get so excited!) But I took advantage of the fact that he was gone on the LA fires for 4 days and we didn’t communicate much, making for the perfect scenario. She definitely fits right in…playing with Lucy and very curious of Franklin….

a black lab and wiener dog wrestling and playing with each other black lab sniffing a turtle

So with that, remember when I made Lucy this bed??

a wiener dog sitting in a bed

I figure I better not play favorites and make miss Maya something too! So when I saw these doggie bowls at Home Goods for $60 bucks I knew what the project was going to have to be!!

a wooden crate made into a dog bowl

So I was up for the challenge, easy right? Just a box with two holes, how hard could it be? Especially when I found this old wine box- already built! Gotta love it! I scored this wine box a few years ago at the Goodwill for $2.00

a metal dog bowl being traced onto a wooden crate Start by tracing the holes for your bowls, I scored these two bowls at the dollar store! Make sure it’s not the exact same size of ring otherwise it will obviously slip through.

a hole drilled in the middle of the outline of the dog bowl Drill a “release” hole to make life easier and safer with your saw. Now to make a circle….ehmm or try….

a quarter of the whole taken out wood glue OOps I cracked the wood! It was pretty thin- but nothing some wood glue can’t solve.

two dog bowl size holes cut out of the wooden crate And voila- the inside and outside! Next I stained this bad boy with walnut. I also wanted to tie in the bowl to the fun honeycomb theme I was doing around the house, remember this lazy susan I made?

plant sitting on top of a circular plank of wood that has an octagon design burned into it Now it’s time to print out the pattern and wood burn again! Ahhh the sweet aroma of wood burning 🙂

honeycomb pattern worksheet with one of the octagons cut out wooden crate made into a dog bowl And there you have it!! A fairly easy doggie bowl stand, now let’s cross our fingers she doesn’t try to chew on the wood! 🙂 hehe


Sam & Maya