Maternity Photoshoot Inspiration

I must admit as I write this I am still in awe that I am preggo- and 7 months preggo at that! I feel like at the beginning of this journey I couldn’t wait to “pop” and look preggo rather than just like I had a burrito belly constantly- but here I am with a big ol’ belly and I still look in the mirror thinking, “is that me? that’s my belly?” Wow how time flies, and yes I know it will only pick up speed as I watch our little guy grow in the years to come, so excited! All that to say I am trying to savor my first preggo experience and all that comes with it- from every kick and the constant need to pee to the side sleeping and constant heartburn ( to all my zesters who have not had a babes yet- I know it sounds so glamorous, huh?)
But the FUN side is dreaming up the perfect nursery andddddd maternity photos! We conveniently needed to take Christmas card photos so I thought I might as well take some maternity photos as well, double dip! I knew I wanted a few “traditional” shots that were more rustic to hang in the home eventually- but I couldn’t help but get a little playful too with some lifestyle. Billy is the BEST teammate ever, I am SO excited to be by his side in this new adventure, we thought it would be fun to work on painting the nursery and have some pics of the “progress.” Our zesty photographer extraordinaire, Anya McInroy, did such a great job at capturing all the love we already have for little Ryker Lawrence Nason….

Counting down to February 25th!
(give or take- ha!)