Matcha Tea Whisk & Slowing Down

Today’s post is a little less about my obsession with matcha tea than about the amazingly beautiful matcha whisks that are made from a single piece of bamboo.  Honestly, there is something so ceremonial about tea, regardless the type.  I feel like coffee is a get up and go type beverage.  Something hot to grab on your way out the door in order to rev up your engine.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coffee.  However, with the quick pace of life these days, a little slow down and ceremony is just what the doctor ordered.  I feel like my crazy pace with work and kids has me succumbing to just about every bug that they bring home from school.  It is very much time to nourish my body and my soul!

matcha tea_0000

I am not about to profess to be an aficionado at brewing the perfect cup of matcha.  But, this is my personal little ceremony.  I take one spoonful of matcha powder and place it in a favorite cup.  If matcha is new to you, it is Japanese green tea.  It is very different from Chinese green tea because they grind the whole leaf, so it full of antioxidants and health benefits.

matcha tea_0001

Now for my favorite part.  Here is a brand new matcha whisk.  Made by intricately slicing both the exterior and interior walls of the bamboo, it is the perfect way to break up any clumps of matcha powder in your cup.

matcha tea_0002

Pour hot water over the matcha powder and give your tea a gentle whisk.

matcha tea_0003

I prefer my matcha with a bit of milk and honey to cut any bitterness.

matcha tea_0004matcha tea_0005

Continue to whisk until you have the perfect cup.

matcha tea_0006

If your cup is large enough, or if you are using a matcha bowl, you should be able to whip your matcha into a nice froth.  Just make sure to rinse your whisk in fresh water and give it a good shake out before you let it air dry standing on it’s handle.  You want your whisk to stay in it’s perfect shape and not grow any mold.

Cheers to a little slow down,