Make Your Own Thankful Plate Tradition

As we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving Chanda and I didn’t want to just leave you with tantalizing recipes and fun kids crafts. Since we consider you part of our Zest family we thought it would be fun to inspire some zesty Thanksgiving traditions to your familia. This is a super easy project but the gratification you will get from this project will last for days (especially if you have a bigger family). Write a special note of thanks on a thrifted plate, something like “We are thankful for you…” Now the week following up to Thanksgiving each family member gets to eat dinner off the plate and everyone goes around the table saying what they are thankful for in that person. Rotate that hot seat out and by the time you hit Thanksgiving you will definitely have set the “thankful” tone and be feeling the loveeeee.

Start by grabbing a plate from your local thrift store and then stopping off at Michaels for Sharpie oil based pens. It’s important they are oil based- aka not going to wash off in the dishwasher!

thanksgiving plate_0000

First I visually spaced out my words….then I grabbed the pen and went for it!

thanksgiving plate_0001thanksgiving plate_0002

Time to set the table!thanksgiving plate_0003thanksgiving plate_0005

I hope this can be a fun new family tradition!