Magnolia Leaf Fall Wreath

If you have not heard of Magnolia yet you might be living under a rock- haha. Sorry to be blunt but Joanna and Chip Gaines have definitely branded the work Magnolia!! But today I am not showing you some fabulous farm house fixer upper- instead I am showing you how to add some zest to tour Fall front door with real Magnolia leaves!! You may have seen their $95 Magnolia Leaf wreath before, although I love it it doesn’t quite scream fall to me- I love all the earth tones of fall!! Lets flip those leaves over and fall for the burnt orange fuzzy backside of the leaves and snag some pods that have amazing texture and depth! I am also excited to geek out and become full plant nerd on your for a moment- have you ever heard of a Cedrus Deodara? AKA a Deodar Cedar tree? They have the most amazing rose shaped pinecones! Whenever I see them I run to pick up pinecones from their roots- they make the best decor crafts! As you can see below, I have linked all my supplies in case you don’t have time to go foraging but I managed to have a cedar tree and a magnolia tree in my neighborhood to harvest from. Scavenger Sam here!

supplies layout- glue gun, dried magnolia leaves, grapevine wreath, feather, pinecone rosettes, acorns

Glue Gun
Dried Magnolia Leaves (I let mine dry out for a few weeks)
Grapevine Wreath
Pinecone rosettes
Acorns (optional)

First start arranging your leaves to see what layer best. I LOVE the burnt brown backs and the sage green front so I intermixed the front and back of the magnolia leaves to really work those fall colors. Once you have a layout you like, grab your hot glue gun and get to placing the larger objects first. Then work up to smaller objects like feathers and pinecones to cover the ugly leaf stems.

First start arranging your leaves to see what layer bestThen grab your hot glue gun and get to placing the larger objects first.
completed wreathclose up of pinecones and leaves

I am loving the texture and color!! yay!!

ALSO- we are SUPER excited to announce that we will now be selling some of our one of a kind handmade diy projects, like this wreath!! Check back this week to see it up in action on the shop and you won’t even have to make your Fall wreath, believe me this one was made with love 🙂

sam holding wreath

Almost Fall Y’all!