Lucy’s new dogbed

Sam here, Meet Lucy my 7 month mini doxie with A LOT of character to make up for her lack in size. In fact as I literally was hard at work to make her a new bed she decided to take herself on a walk around the neighborhood and scared me and dad when we couldn’t find her! So glad she turned up just in time to enjoy her new throne. Here is how it went down….Got this old crate for free on the side of the road- what a treasure! First I decided since my lil pup is long and skinny I wanted to make the bed long and skinny- if you have a larger dog you can do a similar bed with the crate laying flat and make more room. Next, I decided I wanted to preserve the two long lips along the edge of crate, so I took a hammer to top and revealed the finger joint edging. Then i sanded down all of the sides so we don’t get any puppy splinters!Decided to add some “accent” colors to the inside and edge with a dry brush and a color called “whispering wheat” (extra house paint left over-score!)

Whipped out a stencil by printing out on watercolor paper and cutting (didn’t have card stock but that would work great too!)Next I coated with polyurethane (semigloss) and voila- she LOVES her new bed- ran straight to it and took a nap the second I put it down 🙂 lucys_new_dogbed_0001lucys_new_dogbed_0002