Loaded BBQ Corn for Labor Day

Seasonal Sunday

Happy Labor Day Weekend y’all!!

Watcha’ planning on barbequing?  Tri-tip, sliders, fish tacos, chicken?  Whatever your hankering, I guarantee that some seemingly fussy butter on some BBQ corn will be a hit as a side.  I love this simple dish because it feels like a whole lot of effort with very little at all.  I love that you can tweak the flavors easily to go with any entree and that it whips up in a cinch.  You could even have fun and create a few different compote butters and toppings so that it becomes a fun interactive chow fest for your backyard party.



fresh sweet corn

fresh basil (a couple of large handfuls)

1 clove of garlic

1 stick of butter

Parmegiano-Reggiano, finely grated for garnish


When I mentioned “simple” above, I was not kidding!  Simply throw all the ingredients (minus the cheese) into a food processor, and pulse away until it is uniform in color and texture.  As you can see in the above picture, I am a big fan of “go bold or go home” in the kitchen.  Do not be afraid to heap on the flavor with a couple handfuls of your fresh herb (whatever herb you choose….like I said, you can play with this recipe to accompany whatever else you are serving).



Green and fabulously bold!  Oh this is gonna be goooood!



I feel like everyone has a different technique for barbequing corn.  Honestly, I even switch up techniques myself.  For this recipe, I just throw the corn straight on the grill because I want it to get some sexy grill marks happening.  Do not worry about “undercooking” your corn.  These days, corn is so tender and sweet that you could eat it raw if you wanted!  You are basically just looking to heat it through and get a little color.


I love using a microplane on my Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.  I just like the feathery texture it creates for a topping.

When the corn is ready, simply brush on your fabulous compote butter and sprinkle with your feathery cheese.


Here I paired the corn with our Stuffed Poblano Chile for a brightly flavored BBQ meal that is fresh and healthy.  But, do not be afraid to serve this up with some killer burgers, too!


Have an awesome day at the grill, soakin’ up some rays while you play!!