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Lil’ Chef Kid’s Camp

It is time to kick off summer with some awesome life-skills for your young’uns. Our Lil’ Chef Cooking Camp is designed to not only teach the basics, but give your kids, pre-teens, and teens the chance to explore and create using awesome kitchen skills. Food is the center of every celebration and cooking is the most basic essential for life!

Basic skills that will be covered during camp:

learning how to read recipes
basic cutting skills
the basics of kitchen and food safety
basics of fermentation
basics of kitchen lingo and techniques
The camp runs from Monday through Friday, with each day being designed to cover and learn new concepts that build one upon another. We will be learning about bread making, foraging, how to make sauces, how to use herbs and spices, jamming and pickling, and making desserts from scratch. The culmination of each day will be eating a lunch together that is made by their own hands. Let’s start the summer fun by getting grubby in the kitchen and making memories!

Is there an age limit to attend this Summer Camp?
The camp is designed for children 8 yrs – 18 years old.

What if my child has food allergies?
Our recipes include gluten, dairy, eggs, fresh herbs and spices as well as protein dishes. However, we are a NUT-FREE facility. You are responsible for bringing this to our attention. During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to list this food allergy on your registration form.

How early can I drop my child off before camp starts?
You may arrive NO MORE THAN 10 minutes early for check in and you MUST stay with your child until the start of camp.

What if I am late picking my child up after camp ends?
Any guardian that is late picking up their child will be charged $50 for every 10 minute increment upon completion of the camp unless we are notified of the tardiness ahead of time.