Lemon Verbena & Rosemary Tea

Trendy Tuesday

I love that food trends are pushing us all towards a more wholesome view of nutrition.  I think most of us are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of natural foods, and a little less daunted by creating beautiful meals at home (or at least hitting the Wholefoods food court when in a rush LOL).

This lovely beverage is inspired by many things.  The trend of tea drinking and using herbs for their medicinal values is very much alive and well in this drink.  However, true inspiration for this Lemon Verbena & Rosemary tea did not come from Pinterest or from Google trend lists.  Nope.  Sam and I decided to brew this up after hearing from our dear friend who had just recently lived in a small town in France.  Her tales of French country life were absolutely mesmerizing, but her excitement at seeing the Zest garden got us excited, too.  She literally flipped when she saw we were growing lemon verbena.  Apparently, after every dinner, her host family would brew up a cup of lemon verbena and rosemary tea.  It was delicious and a wonderful digestive.  So, here is a little French countryside for your cup!

lemon rosemary tea_0000


1/8 cup of loose fresh lemon verbena

1/8 cup of loose fresh rosemary

hot water

honey to sweeten

lemon rosemary tea_0001

Since our herbs were straight from our Zest garden, it was important to first wash the leaves free of any dirt or little buggy friends.

lemon rosemary tea_0002

Adding about a 1/4 cup of herbaceous leaves, simply pour over with hot water and let it steep a bit.

lemon rosemary tea_0003

Letting the leaves steep for 2 minutes will give the water a zesty green color.  Just be warned to not steep for too long, as the rosemary can easily overpower.

lemon rosemary tea_0010lemon rosemary tea_0011

This tea is such a lovely way to end a beautiful meal.  Your tastebuds and tummy will thank us!

Bon apetit!