Lavender Simple Syrup

Another beautiful and glorious weekend on the coast of California.  Seriously!!  I really have to pinch myself….Samantha and I even had the weekend free of work!!  So, I filled the time with gardening, an awesome open-air concert and a lovely brunch alfresco style with the fam.  As you can tell by my activity level, soaking up the sun is a definite must.  Even my grandmother was commenting on my golden tan over breakfast…as she lamented her white skin from living in the fog of Carmel (don’t feel bad for her, Carmel is absolutely divine!)

Well, all this soaking up the sun sent me to the kitchen for a quickie solution for a perfect end of summer beverage.  Have you ever had simple syrup with your sun tea?  If you haven’t, you have gotta bust this one out to impress that special guest or just because you want to revel in a lazy day.

First, run out a pitcher of water with some tea bags….make sure you pick a nice sunny spot for your brew!

DSC_2601Now, off to the kitchen…..

DSC_2603Then add in one cup of water…..

DSC_2604And finally, one tablespoon of lavender….DSC_2609Now, “simply” stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.

DSC_2613Phew, with all that hard work out of the way, it’s time to carefully strain the mixture and enjoy!

DSC_2614DSC_2617Simplicity is a thing of true beauty!



lavender simple syrup