Late Night Wedding Snacks

Trendy Tuesday

Hello zesties!! Today we might make you salivate a little extra…ehmm sorry! We are chatting about snacks- but not just any snacks. Wedding snacks. Wedding food means celebration food- aka not always the most healthy. But hey- you only get married once right? (we hope!) So with that said who is calorie counting? Time to really enjoy the night – and that means through food and beverage. Today we are exploring some oh so yummy and tantalizing late night snacks that you should serve at your wedding. Late night snacks have become all the trend! With wedding receptions going later these days peeps can get a hankering for some yummy bites as the night goes on. So what to serve you ask? Here are some zesty late night snack ideas….

Zesty Menu Ideas:

Coffee & Donuts

French Fries bar

Grilled Cheese Bites

Cookies & Milk


Espresso shots with mini donuts

Milkshake shooters

Popcorn bar

Chicken & Waffle bites

Ice Cream float bar


Taco Bar

Waffle Bar

In & Out Run

Tater Tots Bar

Pretzel Bar

Oh the possibilities are endless….here are some weddings we recently tested that had some of these ideas!


Ice Cream Truck with Danielle & Adam

by Jen Rodriguez


Popcorn bar at Kelsey & Joe’s wedding

By Tina Loveridge


Salted Carmel Cheesecake and Brownie Bar at Casille & Brian’s wedding

by Grace Kathryn


Sliders and Grilled cheese with tomato soup at Kelsey & Joe’s wedding

By Tina Loveridge

Hungry yet?