Ladies Restroom Makeover

It certainly is a Mb lovin’ week, we had so much fun zestin’ there we just had to show you every detail! (even down to the ladies bathroom! Don’t be jealous boys, we will get there eventually). Here is the before entry….

a table with a tan van and flowers on top with a circular mirror on the wallSome good barebones with the table and flowers (fake) and the mirror- but no color!

a table that someone is starting to sand

So I found this table at the local thrift store for $15 bucks! Wahooooo, it even came with a mirror table topper. But we are first going to add some color. Guess what color??

a sanded down table being painted bright blue with a paint sprayer Yep- you know us too well!! Next we added some furniture wax so it’s not quite SO bright.
a table that has been painted blue and then antiqued and waxed to not be so bright Check! (love the gold pop of color on the legs)

Now for some simple frames that we got for a few dollars from the thrift store so we can bring color onto the wall (without painting!).

a circular, gold picture frame with gold and white flowered pattern on the inside of the frameMuchhhhh beter. Spray paint and then furniture wax on these bad boys.

a table with a blue vase with twigs in it, colorful ceramic birds, and a book on top. On the wall there is a large round circular mirror and frames that are: gold, red, and greenAnd voila! We go the fun birds from and vase from Michaels, old books & nest ball from the thifit store and then added willow branches so we have a plant that is real but no upkeep- score! We just LOVE the shape and texture these willow branches add!!

Thanks for seeing how we zested the ladies bathroom- this will still have some more finishing touches coming that we shall keep ya posted on 🙂