Kumquat & Lemon Verbena Zinger

Trendy Tuesday

Yesterday, we introduced you to Jacob and Mike over at Whalebird Kombucha.  We were so psyched about touring the house of our favorite brew, that we decided to play back at Zest.  The result was a bright and fresh craft cocktail that blends the effervescent zing of Kombucha with the mellowness of sake.  Even if you haven’t made the move to drinking Kombucha, this sipper will have you reveling in summer flavors.  Get ready for something deliciously different!
sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0000

Kumquat & Lemon Verbena Zinger

6 fresh kumquats

1 sprig of lemon verbena

2 shots of sake

1 tbls sugar

top with Whalebird Kombucha, Original
sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0003This is a simple and fresh muddled cocktail that begs you to grab a pint of seasonal kumquats anytime and every time you run across them while marketing.sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0004Lemon verbena is one of my favorites in our herb garden.  It is pungent and fresh…and I have been known to rub it on like perfume!  While the aroma is intoxicating, it also gives a lovely flavor to tea, baked goods, and most definitely to cocktails!sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0006Using a muddler, mush and pulverize the kumquats, sugar and lemon verbena together.  Really break it down because the rind has so much flavor!sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0007Scrap all that flavor into a strainer then top off with ice and the two shots of sake.sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0008sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0009Give it a good shake up and then pour the golden concoction equally into three glasses.sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0010Top off with an equal portion of Original Whalebird Kombucha.sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0011sake whalebird kombucha cocktail_0012

Bright, citrusy and lovely!

These cocktails will bring on the sunshine, even on a cloudy day.

Welcome sunny days!