Kool Aid Dip Dyed Summer Hair

Minion Monday

Summer days are for long hours of play and being carefree in the sunshine.  I love summer for all the lazy evenings after work where my time with my sweet munchichees isn’t absorbed with homework every night…instead there is time to play and be a little frivolous.

Kool Aid hair dye?  Why the heck not? Hours in the pool will probably make it fade STAT, but I figure that summer is the perfect time to play with Evangeline’s hair.  I love how adventurous and bold it made her feel….and I just couldn’t stop staring at the beauty of her hair as she would whip around.  Flashes of color like a stained glass window.  I’m not sure which one of us liked it more on her!

kool aid hair dye_0000


2 Kool Aid pouches (in desired color)

1 cup of water

hair brush

old towel or rag for shoulders

Note: Having blonde hair for this little project is kind of a “must”

kool aid hair dye_0001

Evangeline was feeling a bit like a mad scientist with the mixing!

kool aid hair dye_0002

Use an old towel or rag to cover your beauty queen’s shoulders.  I simply used the bowl to dip dye her hair.  Just make sure to leave it in for around 10 minutes…and to swish it around a bit so that the hair dyes evenly.

kool aid hair dye_0003

Hahaha every time Evangeline started to complain about the wait, I simply chided her that this was just the beginning.  Someday, she will willingly subject herself to hours at the salon for her desired coif.  Ha! Not sure she was buying it.

kool aid hair dye_0004kool aid hair dye_0005

After the 10 minute soak, a rinse and quick blow dry, she was looking fierce!

kool aid hair dye_0006kool aid hair dye_0007

Now that is what I call “summer hair!”

Hope you are finding time for a little frivolous fun this summer!