Juice it Up!

I think I could go for juice anytime of the day. In fact in college one of my roomies, Heather, and I were known for our juice. We would literally go on “juice dates” where we shopped for juice for the week to share (oh the joys of sharing a fridge with 5 girls!). My personal favorites included anything with pineapple in it, mmmmm. So on that note, this week I had my first try at juicing. Shout out to Brittany for letting me borrow her juicer and for teaching me her juicing ways 🙂


We had quite the feast, we started having fun experimenting with flavors…beets, strawberries, kale, apples, carrots, celery, collards, tangerines- you name it we juiced it!


But first she introduced me to this awesome cleaner made with kelp that REALLY cleans your fruits and veggies- it was crazy to see the amount of dirt that came off!

IMG_4467 IMG_4464

We made quite the juicing buffet! This would be such a fun party- everyone brings a bag of fruit and veggies to juice and you sip away playing board games or watching movies- wanna come? Or am I just a nerd that loves juice too much. ehmm don’t answer.


My absolute favorite flavor were tangerines or aka “cuties.” They didn’t need anything else- mmmmm perfection.


I think my other favorite part was all the COLOR. Okay yes that might resemble throw up a tad- but lets think of tie dye instead. Gorgeous natural color! Love it!! Now to go clean that beast!!

So although there might not be some fabulous recipe yet- stay tuned while I experiment and come up with some refreshing tasty treats for you.