Jalapeno Margaritas

Savouring Saturday

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Living on the Central Coast, we are always amazed at how many festivals there are on this Saturday.  I think just about every town in the area has one.  The Strawberry Festival, The Tequila Festival, The Oyster Festival, and The Art Festival, just to name a few.  It makes sense though, there is fun for everybody this Memorial Day weekend…whether a tourist or a local looking for some “staycation” fun.

Sam and I just kicked off the weekend by ending a wedding rehearsal with a little wine tasting, dinner and a movie (“We are Back Pitches” was hilarious!).  Tomorrow we will be in full wedding-mode, helping one of our lovely bride and grooms celebrate with their family and friends.  We are so excited to be throwing a bash at the gorgeous Dos Amantes Ranch, but we are honestly pretty stoked that Monday will be a wind-down and BBQ kind of day.

In honor of winding down, I figured that today would be a great day to share one of my favorite drinks.  I may be blond and blue eyed, but I love my spice!  There is just something magical about a cocktail that has a bit of spice to balance out the sweet n’ sour components.  This drink will go great with whatever you are barbequing: fish, steak, chicken or even a veggie burger.

So kick off those shoes, scrounge out a pair of flip flops and get ready to enjoy the long weekend!


The ingredients are simple:

One part tequila, steeped with one jalapeno overnight

One part lime juice

One part simple syrup (1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar heated until the sugar dissolves)


There are two key components to this cocktail: fresh lime juice and Tequila that has been steeped with jalapenos overnight.


I always use key limes because though they look tiny in comparison to their larger cousins, they have at least twice the lime juice.  Tiny but mighty, if you will.


I usually prefer my margaritas on the rocks.  Slushy drinks ALWAYS give me brain freeze.

Start by adding one shot glass full of simple syrup.


Next, I add a shot glass of my tequila that has steeped with one whole jalapeno overnight.


Go ahead and throw in a couple of those jalapenos so that peeps know what they are drinking 😉

Lastly, add one shot glass of fresh lime juice.


Give it a stir and prep your glass with sea salt.


Nom nom….time to think about the BBQ.  Well, after I BBQ for 82 guests tomorrow night 😉



Have a great time chill-axing my friends!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton