iPhone Charging Tassel Keychain

How many times are you out and about and you look down at your phone only to see 9% battery left? Ugh I hate it when that happens! For me it’s generally right in the middle of a wedding I am coordinating when I want to take gorgeous photos to show you all!! Today we are going to remedy that problem with making an “on the go” and oh so fashionable iPhone charging keychain. I love keychain tassels, especially leather ones!! I figured those would be the perfect disguise for some little iPhone cords bobbing out right? Let’s get to work!


Iphone cord (you can order a shorter one online, ideally the smaller the better- less to cord hide)


Zip ties


Keychain hook

Glue/Needle & Thread

iphone charger_0000

First let’s make our tassel!  Start by cutting a strip of leather into a rectangle that is about 8″ by 4″

Next cut small strips along the edge to create the fringe…

iphone charger_0001

Now it’s time to bundle up the cord, wrap it back and forth tightly and then use zip ties or electrical tape to secure the cord into one tight bundle.

iphone charger_0002iphone charger_0003iphone charger_0004

Next make sure you pull a small amount of the cord to the top of the bundle for hooking the leather to the keychain later (see in pic). Then make sure you have enough leather to cover the length of the cord as well as enough to wrap the cord and disguise it….

iphone charger_0005

I lined the edge of the leather fringe with tacky glue and then rolled it up like a burrito!

iphone charger_0006

Next take a strip of leather that is about the length and width of two fingers and use this piece to attached the cord bundle to the keychain hook. A quick drop of glue and you should be set!

(disclaimer- over time mine didn’t stay secured, but Chanda’s did- maybe try sewing the top with needle and thread instead as a precautionary?)

iphone charger_0007iphone charger_0008iphone charger_0009iphone charger_0010

Let dry completely and then it’s time to hide the ugly cords and connection with another piece of leather. I used a contrasting color for fun!

iphone cord_0000

Let dry and there you have it! Ready even when you are on the go!! (Carry a cube in your purse or this will charge into any usb in car/computer)

tassle iphone cord_0000tassle iphone cord_0001tassle iphone cord_0002

Charge away zesties!