Industrial Copper Soft Pretzel or Donut Display

Since Zest it Up is in the business of special events, we often find ourselves getting the chance to play with unique ideas for food displays and presentation. After all, you eat with your eyes as well as with you mouth, right? Sometimes, a unique presentation will take your celebration to a whole other level. Case in point for one of our recent clients. Wanting to honor some truly legit heritage by welcoming guests to their wedding with fresh pretzels and beer before heading down to the ceremony, the gesture was made even more memorable by this industrial copper display that we designed. It is crazy simple to make, and would be lovely for even displaying donuts at an event. Heck, if you stabilized the base even more, I would use this to display coffee cups in my coffee corner at home! It really turned out so charming. If you are a DIY bride or a DIY decor nut, this project is a snap and you may want to run out and grab some pipe supplies.

copper “M” pipe, 3/4″ thick
5 copper elbow brackets, 3/4″ thick
4 copper “T”-connectors, 3/4″ thick
pipe cutter
Gorilla super glue
Sharpie or marker
drill with 3/4″ drill bit
“S” hooks large enough to hook over 3/4″ pipe

Using a sharpie, measuring tape, and a pipe cutter, making your measured pieces is crazy easy. Honestly, this is not something you need expertise or muscle to accomplish. If you can twist, then you can cut: plain and simple! But if this freaks you out, you may be able to ask your local hardware store to do the cutting.
Cut List
3 pieces 36″ in length
2 pieces 23 ” in length
2 pieces 11 ” in length
2 pieces 17″ in length

Wood Boards:
2 pieces 46″ in length
2 pieces 12″ in length

I simply used Gorilla super glue to hold my pipe and connectors in place. You can use a little sandpaper to quickly roughen up the ends of the pipe, if you are concerned about adhesion.
When it comes to the 2″X4″ base, use a 3/4″ drill bit to make holes that are 37 1/2″ apart, so that you can glue your pipes into the base, as well.

I am a visual person, so I hope this trilogy of photos helps you to see the basic structure. The sides are each assembled with a 17″ piece of pipe and an 11″ piece of pipe, connected by a “T” piece. I then capped them with an elbow connector so that I could connect the top 36″ long pipe. I connected another 36″ long pipe to the two center “T” connectors, creating a middle bar. This was the back of my display completed. I then repeated drilling holes in a 2″X4″ and created a front to my display using the remaining two elbow connectors and the 36″ pipe and 23″ pipes. Using a couple of 12 inch 2″X4″‘s, I was able to connect them perpendicular to the wood supports of both my back and front displays. This made the design nice and sturdy!

Now, all it needed was some “S” hooks, and it was ready to go!

Simple, clean and on trend. We love playing with pipes around here! It is such a satisfying hobby…like playing with Legos, but with the satisfaction of creating decor!