How to Wear a Men’s Shirt for Summer

Sometimes, the best summer outfit can be a quick find in your man’s closet…or a huge shirt from the thrift store.

With temperatures rising, and The 4th of July just around the corner, it is time to wear fashions that keep you chill and your tan line rockin’!  Check out this quickie twist up on a regular men’s shirt for a go-to BBQ wardrobe!


It is easy to do this on yourself, but since we were playing around with what technique would look best, I functioned as Sam’s dresser.  Lol Mama Chanda at it again!


Unbuttoning the first few buttons, we slipped Sam’s arms out of the sleeves because I was going to use them as a “belt.”  We were totally laughing as we awkwardly tried to keep things modest for the camera…no wardrobe fails here!!


Pulling the arms around her back, I brought them to the front and gave them a quick tie.

Note: this particular shirt was a men’s medium.  For longer sleeves and an easier tie, grab a large or xlarge.  Longer sleeves = easier belt.


I love the buttons and heart shaped line it creates in the front…but the back is my favorite!  This is a style you will totally want to wear your hair up for or to the side!


This is where I would type a whistle sound.  So dang cute!


Quick, casual, and oh so cute.  I love how unexpected this little makeover is…get ready to raid some closets!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton