How to Use Spices & Herbs in the Kitchen

Find & Fix it Friday

We are major foodies over here at Zest.  It is one of our many passions!  I think that our voices actually rise in pitch and pace when we start talking about new dishes or new restaurants.  It’s pretty darn funny.  The no-brainer is that we get excited about flavor, but we honestly get just as excited about color and presentation.  We are always saying, “you eat with your eyes!”  I guess my fav is when all three balance in a perfect dance….that is when my voice goes positively shrill!

I love eating out just as much as the next girl, but I think that playing in the kitchen at home gives such a sense of accomplishment.  It is stinkin’ fun!  Ya, it requires effort, and then there are the dishes!  So many dishes!  But, putting that little bugger aside, I have a blast playing with flavors and new techniques.  It’s like crafting, but with food!  And what are the super key tools for this art form?  Spices and herbs, of course!  So, here is a peek at my artist’s palate!


First off, it is important to know the key players.  Mixing and matching some of these spices can take you on a global tour, culinarily speaking 😉

Here is a little guided tour courtesy of Kit StoneHow to Recreate 36 World Cuisines with 3 Spices | Visual.ly_0042

Pretty empowering, right?

Since I love to have things handy and at the ready when I start playing in the kitchen, I decided to rework my Spice Rack that you might have seen me blog about in the past 🙂  It was time to freshen up my spices, add some new ones, and make sure that they were clearly labeled.  Some simple Washi tape in my kitchen’s accent color did just the trick for my little containers.


When I say freshen up my spices, I mean getting rid of ones I find that I never use, replacing them with new flavors, and restocking my old tried and true.

Here is another infographic, courtesy of Cook Smarts, that lets you “in” on some more flavor combos.

Spice infographic_0043

As you can see, I got busy making up my little collection!

spices_0003spices_0004Now, all my tools are in place. I am ready to create and play!

Time to get cookin’