How to Remove Spots on Wood with Toothpaste

This is a find and fix it that you will definitely want to file away for when those accidents happen to your gorgeous wood furniture pieces. Ever left a nice fatty ring from your cup of coffee on your gorgeous wooden coffee table? Or had the steam from your boiling tea kettle blast up onto a nearby wooden cabinet? Or better yet had your coffee pot overflow with a leak and drip down your front cabinet? YEP. All that has happened to me before. But thank goodness for this trick!!

Meet the issue:


Now grab your white toothpaste (with no gel, just plain old cheap white toothpaste) and begin to rub the paste onto the problem spot…


You are basically really really finely sanding off the blemish, removing that top layer of issues


Now to give it a shiny new coat with our homemade spoon butter to fill in the “gaps” and keep your wood healthy


And voila!

remove_water_stains_from_wood_with_toothpaste_0005As good as new!! Yay!!!


Sam & Chanda

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton