How to remove grease from leather

In case you didn’t know about my Sbicca addiction, simply check out this post! Eek! They are just so comfy but also I love the aesthetic of natural wood and leather, these types of shoes instantly soften an outfit and add the perfect touch of boho comfort. Which is why I recently have been loving my clogs from Lotta (sorry Sbicca I cheated on you!) but I was SO bummed when amongst our crazy zest days I dropped some grease on the leather! blast! I am sure excited to share how I remedied this boo boo today…see that dark spot on the right shoe!!

I grabbed some corn starch from my cupboard….

Sprinkled a little on that dark grease spot, making sure to cover the entire spot completely…waited 24 hrs….then used an old toothbrush to scrub away- voila!

As good as new! Hallelujah!

Hope you enjoy this quick tip!