How to propagate your Monstera Deliciosa plant

I know that Chanda and I have told you about succulent, lavender and just propagation in general! As you can see we are all about plants…and especially into plant sharing. Maybe similar to the joy of a new child, a new plant baby is just a beautiful thing. (yep I compared a plant baby to a real live human baby, I am allowed to do this now that I have a 7 month old- hA!) But whether you have a human baby or not, I think we can both agree that plants make homes better. They add color, texture and life. One of my favorite plants I have is my Monstera Deliciosa (aka the swiss cheese plant). I love it’s large sprawling leaves, I love the bright pop of green color it brings to my kitchen, and now I love it even more after having propagated it to “zest up” my living room and bathroom!¬†First you might be wondering, hold up- I need to keep my precious plant baby alive- how do I do this?! Here are a few tips for caring for a Monstera.

Light: Keep in mind the origin of this plant- it screams tropical! That means these plants are used to bright but indirect light. If you can maintain moderate filtered light they will be happiest, you will notice they grow reaching towards the sun- so be sure to rotate these beauties so your plant does not end up lop sided.

Water: Once again, think rainforest tropical! These babies will not enjoy dry soil so be sure to keep moist and even give them a mist every now and then if you please. In fact, did you know the purpose of those splits and holes in the leaves is to allow rain to fall through them?! Talk about a lot of water!

Care: Be sure to dust off those gorgeous large leaves every now and then to make sure photosynthesis isn’t interfered with. Simply wet a microfiber towel with water and gently stroke your babies.

And now the moment you have been waiting for….how to propagate a Monstera plant…

First off, do you see those brown long aerial roots growing out from my plant?! Those roots are searching for something to grab hold of and start wrapping, climbing and growing- gotta love rainforest plants!!

Even if your plant does not have aerial roots, you can propagate!

Simply grab some clean scissors and cut right below the node of the plant. It’s important to cut below the node, as to make sure this new plant can thrive on it’s own. I have the luxury of a root already there but normally you would cut below this node and this is where a root would grow.

Voila! Simply pop this cutting into a glass with water and place near indirect light and then be patient.

I suggest using filtered water and indirect light to cut down on any algae issues you might have occur. Also, be sure to change out the water every few days if it gets murky, we want our baby to grow!!

Once you have some established roots feel free to plant your new plant in moist potting soil.