How to prep your home for guests

Seasonal Sunday

Tis the season for HOUSE GUESTS. That’s right, swing open the door for Aunt Betsy and Uncle Joe or Cousin Claire. As much as I know we all love family deep down, it can be a hard time of the year. Trying to juggle everyday routines like school, kids, work, etc. and then adding the holidays and house guests can make for the perfect recipe to stress. My hopes in writing this post is to make a check list that can help you feel prepared for house guests this holiday season and also look like the hostess with the mostest. Here is a simple check list to get you started…and if you need help creating a guest bedroom be sure to go HERE. 

house guest prep_0008

  1. Breakfast…Everyone has their own wake up routine, maybe you are a night owl and enjoy your slow mornings? But maybe Uncle Joe is an “early bird gets the worm” kind of guy. Be prepared with some quick and easy breakfast necessities that allows for you to squeeze in a few extra minutes to wake up in the am while your guests can get their routine started with a cup of joe, some eggs or fruit.

house guest prep_0000

2. And while we are in the kitchen, be sure to stock up on some easy quick snacks that you can offer your guests when they get into town from a long flight or drive. String cheese, popcorn, hardboiled eggs? I would be a happy guest!!

house guest prep_0001

3. Have extra toiletry necessities on hand. When traveling it is easy to forget those last minute smaller items- be sure to run by the travel section and pharmacy to get some basics that your guests might be in need of. Like deodorant, allergy medicine, razors, and dental floss to name a few. Throw these in the bathroom cabinet and they will thank you when they are in a pinch!!house guest prep_0002

4. Create a space for them. I am very blessed to be in a season where I have a spare guest bedroom- but I know that might not always be the case. If it’s possible try to make a space for your guest to retreat to. We all know how exhausting traveling can be with not sleeping in our own bed and getting out of routine. Whether it’s a blow up bed or a spare room, clear some space in the closet and make them feel welcomed by really thinking through little details like this. house guest prep_0003

5. Obviously your guest will want to take a shower and such so be sure you are well stocked up with clean towels and to save hassle with washing them often maybe consider color coding each guest. Uncle Bob has all blue towels while Grandma Rose has grey. Then they can use them as needed and not be intermixing.

house guest prep_0004

6. Have extra blankets and pillows– pretty simple 🙂

house guest prep_0005

7. Show them a good time, be the hostess with the mostest! Show them what your town has to offer and maybe what some local favorites are. Living in wine country- for me that is being well stocked with wine/beer and showing off the San Luis Obispo way of life. house guest prep_0006

8. And for those times when you simply can’t do it all- because let’s face it we all know having guests for an extended period of time is a juggling act, have back up. Grab some local tourist magazines or good books and have them on hand so your guests can easily entertain themselves if you have to work or run errands. This will help you feel a little more guilt free knowing you were prepared with some back up ideashouse guest prep_0007I hope this list helps a bit, just remember Christmas comes but one time a year-savor the peeps you have in your life and enjoy the ride!!