How to Organize Your Jewelry on the Road

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you pack all your earrings for those out of town trips and they get all jumbled up with your other jewelry and belongings? Or better yet you lose one!! This thrifty idea will fix that idea in a heart beat, plus it makes for a great kid craft or practical gift idea for a friend!


sharpies, foam sheet, and needle and thread

Choose a  few sheets of foam, you will be creating a little book so it’s fun to coordinate the colors….

stitching the side of the foam sheets togetherStitch up the side of your book

drawing arrows on the foam sheet with a silver sharpieNow time to zest! I had fun with sharpies and washi tape….

hot gluing washi tape and a button onto the foam Time to add some more flair….OOOoooOOOOOO AAAaaaaaaHHHHH

finished designed jewelry holderearrings stuck into the foam jewelry holderTime to put it to use!! Whoop whoop now I am ready to go on a trip, how about Vegas to visit Billy’s family next weekend? I think so!