How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

On Tuesday I shared a quick and easy way to decorate Easter eggs- but today we take a little more of the traditional route and let’s face it, we get messy!! As Zesters we are constantly trying to experiment with things that are natural, don’t get me wrong I definitely got an epidural in labor (no offense if you took a different route) but when I can, I try to use what we have on this earth to help heal naturally, eat, and in this case dye!! Plus I think I love that this project feels all mad scientist with pots of different items and such boiling away! Muahahahhhah

Here is what I used to play with…
4 Beets sliced up
3 tbsp Tuermeric
4 bags Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Tea
Brown Skins of 8 Onions
1 cup Coffee Grounds

I placed all items in 2-3 cups of water and let each pot simmer on low for about 3hrs.

Next I let the dye solutions cool and then strained them into glass containers. I added 1 tbsp of white vinegar to each solution and let my eggs soak in the colors for 4 hours. I was pretty pleased with the shades that came out, but if I were to do this again next time I would probably soak the beet eggs longer to get more color.

As pictured above from bottom to top- we have onion skins (reddish/orange), tea bags (light orange) turmeric (light yellow), beets (light purple) and top right is done with coffee grounds (brown). SO fun!!

Happy Easter friends!