How to make your own sidewalk chalk paint

Minion Monday:

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to school that also means we will be losing our daylight soon! Sad day….I think my silver lining here is that I love scarf season 🙂 haha. So before we have to bundle up and play some indoor games we need to savor our sunlight and outdoor play hours. Here is an easy recipe for your very own sidewalk chalk paint. It turned out a little more “paste” like making for a great way to paint the sidewalk. Needless to say us zesters had fun taking a moment to let our inner kid out and decorate the sidewalk.


1 cup Cornstarch

Food coloring

1 cup Water



sidewalk chalk_0000

Stir together 1 cup water, 1 cup cornstarch and your favorite color until fully mixed.

sidewalk chalk_0001

Time to get creative!!

sidewalk chalk_0002sidewalk chalk_0003sidewalk chalk_0004sidewalk chalk_0005

Painting with friends, the best therapy!

sidewalk chalk_0006

And when you need to remove, simply hose it off! Easy!

sidewalk chalk_0007

Life is good 🙂