How to make your own Paint Strip Calendar

Howdy zesters!! I feel like August and September are those months were we usually get our “organization” mindset on. With school starting and routines getting back into the motion after summer it only seems fitting to make a calendar to keep your head on straight. But not just any calendar, it has got to be cute and zested!!! Have you seen all the uses of paint strips?? Gotta love those natural ombre’s and color schemes that you can snag at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s or Miners. Let’s get to zestin’…


paint chips, hot glue gun, and frame for the calendar

Classic supplies shot 🙂

paint chips organized in terms of their color First get all your paint strips lined up in the order you want, what color scheme are you feeling?

using a paper cutter cut off the labels on the paint chips Cut off the numbers at the end

a ruler measuring 3 inches on the paint chipThen decide how big each square should be based on your frame size, keep in mind you will want 6 rows with 7 columns- time to do some math!

We made our square tiles 3″

orange and bieze 3" by 3" squares

Oh happy day! Now time to make some more…

placing the frame on butcher paper trace the outside of it Now time to give some love to your frame! Measure your paper to the frame size and cut

paint squares being placed on the paper

Time to line up your square tiles…

someone now hot gluing the paint chips onto the paperTime to glue those bad boys on…

days of the weeks being labeled on different paint chips that will also be hot glued on the paperlabel your days of the week, we made these tiles a bit smaller than the tiles….

using an expo marker label the days of the week on the calendar Time to get organized!!

final picture of the calendar hanging on the wall

So easy, so inexpensive and fun!! This would make for a great gift too- wink wink