How to make black garlic

Ever heard of black garlic? No it’s not garlic that has gone bad and molded- but good guess! The first time I saw black garlic was at Trader Joes. I always love to see what unique cool items they have seasonally. I think my first thought when I saw it was “is this seasonal garlic for Halloween?” I mean after all we find ourselves with purple and orange cabbage near Easter time?! All that to say, I bought the package not really knowing was taste to expect and man was I surprised! Black garlic is basically garlic that has been cooked at such a low temperature for such a long time that it ferments and turns color. Black garlic is much sweeter in taste, kind of like a balsamic vinegar, this super food has SO many benefits!

Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and has almost double the amount of antioxidants when compared to regular white garlic. This much antioxidant level can help prevent Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis and similar chronic ailments. This fermented garlic also has proven to assist as an anti-inflammatory, boost immunity and lower cholesterol. You can also eat black garlic as is and not have the intense spiciness raw garlic has. Have I convinced you to give black garlic a try yet?!

Let’s create! First line the bottom of your rice cooker with foil and extend up the sides of the pot.

Next place one paper towel at the base of the cooker on top of the foil, then place all your garlic in the rice cooker.

If you plan to make a ton of black garlic you can do multiple layers of garlic cloves.

Next add another paper towel folded on top of your garlic cloves and lastly make a foil cover.

Place your pot into your rice cooker and place on “warm.” Now it’s time to be patient and play the waiting game. Your clove babies will be tucked in their little foil bed for two weeks. I plugged in my rice cooker in the garage because the first week the smell of garlic was so intense as it fermented. On the second week the scent mellowed. If I had done two rows of garlic I would have rotated the garlic cloves halfway through to make sure they all ferment evenly.

Fast forward and two weeks have flown by! Time to unpeel my garlic cloves to find my yummy fermented garlic. The top pic shows garlic that didn’t fully ferment all the way, it’s more of a “carmel” color rather than black garlic- still yummy though! (just needs a little more time) But the rest of my garlic fermented nicely and is ready to consume!

You might be wondering what one should make with black garlic? From pizza and pasta to pate and chocolate truffles, one quick pinterest search and the recipes and inspiration will come flooding in!

Happy fermenting friends!