How to Make a Log Cabin Fire

Seasonal Sunday

There is finally a bit of a chill in the air over here on the west coast.  It took a while, wading through our Indian Summer, but it has finally arrived!  I celebrated by digging through my poorly missed sweaters and scarves.  Obviously, there ain’t gonna be any major cold fronts that keep us locked in the house with drifts of snow amassing outside the windows.  However, I will take what I can get!  A little change up in the temps makes me happy.  Now, we have reason for a little roasty-toasty fire pit while we enjoy our unending al fresco time.

In honor of the brisk weather, I wanted to share with you my “secret” for make a roaring fire that requires no nasty fire starters.  It is amazing how you can stack this before people arrive and then quickly light it in mid conversation with your guests…without any worry or time lag.  The absolute best part is that you can use this technique for make a mean BBQ, too!  Imagine lighting a fire almost instantaneously that does not pass on any funky lighting fluid aroma or taste.  If this is new to you, get ready to become a hosting and barbeque star!

easy to start fire pit_0000

Start with two logs parallel to eachother.  Then, take two slightly smaller logs and cross hatch them across the bottom two.

easy to start fire pit_0001

Now, take two more even smaller logs and cross hatch them across the top….just slightly inset from the two base logs.

easy to start fire pit_0002

Gather us some dry twigs for kindling and stuff them down the center of the structure.

Finally, take some newspaper/cardboard/paper/whatever, and stuff it all around your structure.

easy to start fire pit_0003easy to start fire pit_0004

Time to be a fire-starter!!

When it is time to ignite, simply light the paper in multiple areas around the structure….and then take a sip of wine and enjoy your evening while this bit of genius blazes into a bonfire!

easy to start fire pit_0005easy to start fire pit_0006

Ahhhhh, California dreamin’!

easy to start fire pit_0007

Play safe, you little pyros!