How to Make a Cute Candle Match Display

Are you a candle freak like me? Stressful day? Just light a candle. Watching a movie?  Just light a candle. Romantic date night?  Just light a candle. Taking a bath?  Just light a candle. Doing quickbooks?  Just light a candle.

Yep that is the answer for me, scent you ask? Just depends on my mood or season. But all in all- the lesson here is if you want to buy Sam a gift you know she will always love- get a candle!!! Tee hee, So with that said. I always have a candle in my living room and nearby I have the dorky hot pink or teal plastic lighter- what an eye sore!! Time to get zesty and cute!!

Candle Match Display Supplies: 

Disclaimer- you can tell I don’t have kids yet, might want to think about where you are placing yours-wink wink 🙂

Candle Match Display First you need to measure out your sandpaper to fit the bottom of your lid, this will become where you light your matches!

Candle Match Display Once measured, time to hot glue. Press firmly and let dry.

Candle Match Display Now time to dump those matches in and strike away!

Candle Match Display Yep I can feel the stress being relieved already, aaaahhhhhhhawwww. Plus how cute are those zesty green matches??

Candle Match Display Makes for a great gift idea this upcoming holiday season!!