How to dye a denim dress ombre

Trendy Tuesday

I have been doing quite a few projects that involved navy blue rit dye lately– what can I say, I must have been bit by the blue bug!! I look around and think- what can I dye today? HAhaha and in this case, my victim was a “bleh” dress I scored at the thrift store for a buck. I love all things ombre, I think it’s because I love color and the transition of the overlap. Hence why I really love watercolor (you see the design of this website??) tee hee. So with that said I am going to transform this 90’s fab denim dress to something a little more…me. 

dyed blue dress ombre_0000

After trying on the dress I marked where I wanted it to go, then snipped away!

dyed blue dress ombre_0001

Personally I really like the frayed edge so I decided not to sew my hem but rather leave it raw. Next I mixed my navy blue rit dye as according to the instructions on the package. I wanted to create an “ombre” look so I dunked the dress up to the chest area, held for 10 seconds and then dunked the dress to the belly button area and held for 1 minute and lastly let the dress sit in the dye from hip down for about ten minutes to really let the dye soak in.

dyed blue dress ombre_0002dyed blue dress ombre_0003Next I let the dress air dry…

dyed blue dress ombre_0004

Time to rinse out the dress, I did this outside to avoid dying my white sink….

dyed dress ombre_0012

And there you have it….

rit dye dipped dress_0010

I love the new look!! I even plan to use the scraps from the dress to make a fun headband- gotta use all the material!!  When it comes to washing this I definitely recommend doing the first few loads by itself or hand washing to avoid dying any other clothes.