How to DIY a Layered Bob

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Here at Zest we are all about DIY.  We love tackling all sorts of challenging projects that empower both ourselves and our readers.  This is no exception.  Actually, this tutorial is dear to my heart because it reminds me of mama.  Sam’s mom is obviously a rock star hairstylist, but my mom was notorious for cutting her own hair.  It isn’t as janky as it sounds!  Actually, she was a model who had her hair cut, colored, and styled by some exceptional stylists.  It actually boils down to her personality.  Like myself, she is a make-do queen and if she wasn’t happy with the salon results….she was not even a little intrepid about picking up some shears and fixing what she didn’t like.  As a result, I learned a bit about DIY haircuts from an early age.  So, when Sam wanted a change from her signature locks…it was only natural that we wanted to snap a quick tutorial to empower y’all as we went on the adventure!!!  Here we goooooooo!!!

diy_haircut_1322Sam’s gorgeous long hair has been her trademark for years….ummmm since junior high for sure!

Time to grab a comb and usher in some change.  To cut the length and give her a nice line, I combed her hair back and used two rubber bands.  What I love about this technique is that you can literally do it on yourself…you don’t need a buddy to do it for you.
diy_haircut_1323Using sharp shears, cut along the base of the second rubber band.  Once the length is cut, add in layers by pulling the hair up in sections and cutting on the angle.  I really love cutting with the tips of the shears in a downward motion.  It gives a nice soft edge that is great at disquising any cuts that may be more of a boo-boo.  As you can see here, I also like to cut the final layers when the hair is dry…it’s a great cheat because you can get a better sense of how the hair lies.  Make sure to cut enough layers towards the front to frame the face.  This is actually really easy to do on yourself, too.diy_haircut_1330Again, make sure that when you are doing layers around your face and/or bangs that you use the tips of the shears in a vertical motion to create nice soft edges.diy_haircut_1331Hahaha I think the girl is feeling lighter and flirty for sure!diy_haircut_1332Buh-bye long curls!!!diy_haircut_1333Sam couldn’t resist some pigtails!  She now has all sorts of new styles to play with.  Change can be so dang fun!!diy_haircut_1334Hope you are feeling empowered to tackle any project that scares you.  It can be exhilarating when you conquer something big…especially when you get to do it with a friend!

Cheers to change!!



p.s. April Fools!!!!

Hahaha, sorry but I’m afraid that Sam and I had a bit of fun with you!  A few nights ago, after a killer Zumba class and a chaser of margaritas, we decided to jump on this April Fools.  Since Sam’s signature locks are always a showstopper, I figured it would be fun to shock some of you.  I honestly wanted to go for a pixie cut, but that might not have been as believable, right?  I hope this gives you a giggle!! 😉 -Chanda