How to Cut Open a Young Coconut

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, right? Drinking your minimum 8 glasses of water a day helps your body and it’s organs to function at their optimum. Want to rev up your metabolism? Hydrate! Want to detox your body? Hydrate! Want to perform at your physical peak and mental acuity? Hydrate!
Seriously, hydration is so crucial for your overall health. I try to track my own hydration on a daily basis, but as a soccer mom I realize how important it is to teach my children the importance of hydration. I think that is why I love coconut water. It has higher levels of potassium than a banana and is chock full of electrolytes, so it is a heavy hitter when it come to pre and post workout regimes. Obviously, there are all sorts of companies bottling coconut water, but there is literally nothing better than straight out of the shell! Just this one small young coconut can literally fill four 8 oz glasses. That’s half your daily hydration requirement…..not too shabby. The best part is that you get calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and omega 6 fatty acids while you hydrate! I am seriously loving this nutritional dynamo! It doesn’t hurt that it is almost as sweet as a soda pop…holy heck it’s yummy!

I know that the shape of this bad boy is a little weird. Basically, when they husk away the green exterior, they leave a pointed end that works as a guide for you.

Start by using a chef’s knife in an angled direction, cutting the soft fibers away from the hard shell, towards the pointed tip.

Pivot the young coconut around, as you remove all of the soft fiber from the pointed end. Your goal is to expose a large circular space of the hard shell.

Using the heel of your chef’s knife (or a straight up butcher’s knife), whack down on the edge of the exposed shell. Once you sink it down into the shell, you will be able to gently twist the knife and a circular top will literally pop off!

Be careful! The water will be so darn abundant that you could possibly loose some during the opening process. The fluid will be clear up to the top!

Since these are young coconuts, the flesh has a very tender, almost jelly-like consistency. It is so completely different from the familiar mature coconut flesh which tends towards crunchy tough fiber. Interestingly, the sugar content is also much higher. The coconut water is so deliciously sweet, and the tender flesh is a wonderful dessert. I’m not sure which is my favorite treat: the water or the meat!

I hope the next time that you see those obscure looking young coconuts in the produce aisle, you feel confident enough to take advantage of their awesomeness!