How to build a pond

Seasonal Sunday

Today we are going to build a pond!! {oh if it only took a day- tee hee} But don’t lose hope, it’s actually fairly simple. Are you ready for this?

Like any good DIY you need a before and after, so here my friends is my UGLY before. Yes, I am afraid to admit this is what people saw when they came to my front door. How embarrassing!!! Time to build a pond? Yep, I think so.


I used the following to build my pond:

  • pre-formed pond tub (scored at thrift store for $30!)
  • pond pump (make sure to look at the ratio of depth to pumping wattage, you can see a chart here)
  • rocks, water plants, fish?

Once you have all your supplies you will need to dig a hole the depth of your pond and place the liner inside. (I will spare you the boring pics)

Time to build! But first, I also stopped by Home Depot to grab a cool tile to use for the main feature of my pond waterfall. Don’t make sense? Don’t worry you will see….


After some digging and planting I took rocks and lined the entire edge of the pond to make it look more “natural” and cover the edge of the black lining.

Now Chanda and I can tackle the waterfall, with my pump plugged in we started stacking rocks to create the “fall.” We used the tile I snagged at Home Depot to create the “drop off” effect since only using rocks would create more of a trickle, and let’s face it we want to hear that nice tranquil water.


With the hose tube positioned we began stacking rocks on top and around the hose to hide it and also play with water routes. There is no “wrong” way to do this, more of a personal preference on look and style. The key is simply to make sure all the water is circulating back into the pond and not slipping out in any crevices created.


Now time to add some plants around the pond as well as inside…


I got some penny wort and parrots feather for my pond, both grow very fast! I have already had to take some out to tame it, but the little fishies love hiding in the plants. I got a few goldfish who are getting very big!!


And there you have it, quite the transformation- now I love walking to my front door and looking for the fishes and hearing the water trickle.



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton