Hot Toddy Bar

As event and wedding designers, Samantha and I highly prize elements of true hospitality in the details of planning. It is not always about what looks the prettiest on Pinterest, or about the perfect pairing of colors, or whether or not the rules of etiquette have been adhered to. On the contrary, what tends to make an event exceptional are the little details which speak to your guests in a way that shows your thoughtfulness and consideration. After all, you have invited your guests to be a part of your celebration because of the place they hold in your life. The added brilliance of it all is that if your celebration is a wedding, it is literally the first time you will be hosting as a married couple. This is a moment in time that you will want to remember, and remember in a wonderful way. No one wants to remember how the food was slow, or the night was cold, or that the music was so loud that conversation was stifled. Taking time to think out and plan for your guests makes all the difference. These little details can run the gamut from greeting them to a crisp salad already plated when they arrive to table, to providing comfy shoe alternatives for late night dancing.

When the temperatures dip low for the winter months, a truly lovely element to include in your celebration is a hot beverage bar to keep the chill at bay. While hot cocoa bars and coffee bars have added comfort and style to so many winter weddings, you may want to play with the idea of the increasingly trendy tea movement. Add a few colorful condiments and some whiskey for a Hot Toddy Bar that will have your guests feeling mighty cozy.

Supplies to Consider:
whiskey of your choosing
assorted loose teas
apple slices
orange slices
cinnamon sticks
star of anise
assorted tea pots
Irish coffee mugs
tea strainers

Have fun with your display. You can make your hospitality a showstopper by carefully choosing your vessels and your decor in a way that embellishes the overall look of your celebration. This little Hot Toddy Bar should not be limited to when the sun dips down. It would be a wonderful beverage station to begin at cocktails and carry out through the night. Your guests will feel this hug and remember your thoughtfulness, whether for your wedding or your holiday party.