Honeyed Pomegranate Cosmo

Hahaha, don’t you just love those recipes that hide under the guise of healthy?!!  This is a sweet little cocktail that uses fresh pomegranate juice and raw honey….so, I guess you can feel good about this being a whole food, organic beverage.  But, let’s face it, it’s just a delicious way to indulge in a skosh of vodka a la Sex In the City style!

So, if you find yourself hosting a chic cocktail party, or you just have a hankering to imbibe a sophistocated drink to celebrate life or to put a spin on a bad day….here is a yummy option!

20130922_195202Start by cutting open the pomegranate into quarters.  If you haven’t learned the trick here, let me give you a quick tutorial that will save all the juice in those jewel like seeds and keep your clothes tidy at the same time.  Instead of slicing right through the pomegranate, you want to slice just 1/4″ inch through the skin.  Basically, you are scoring the entire pomegranate.

cosmo3Now, dig in your thumbs and gently (but forcefully) pull the pomegranate apart.

20130922_195308Now, simply flick the seeds into a bowl and begin to crush them til they release all their juice.  I used a quarter of a pomegranate per glass.

20130922_19540220130922_195917Strain the juice into your serving glass so that you or your guest don’t wind up with a mouth full of seeds.

cosmo2Fill the glass with crushed ice and add a shot of vodka.  Now, time for the honey!

20130922_201419I absolutely looooove this product.  I am usually all about buying local raw honey, for the health benefits it provides from the local pollen.  However, this honey is just too dreamy not to indulge in from time to time.  Perhaps one of the things I like best about this honey, aside from taste, is the texture of miniscule grains crystallization. It makes the honey so incredibly creamy!

20130922_201453Mix in a 1/2 teaspoon to give your tart cocktail just a little love!  Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and enjoy a delicious aperitif….filled with good-for-you whole foods, tee-hee 🙂

cosmo20130922_201249Bon apetit happy Zesters!


 pomegranate cosmo