Honeycomb tile tray makeover

Thrifty Thursday

Even if you haven’t been a zest fan for a long, it’s probably easy to see that we love to host, we love hexagon honeycomb shapes, and we always love a good thrift store find. Which is why I am super excited about today’s post! Not only does it combine a lot of my favorites, but the outcome is so stellar and it was SO easy. While at Goodwill a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this adorable hexagon serving tray for six bucks. Although I love wood and nature, I just wasn’t feeling the combo for this board. But I loved that it had a great structure and good bones and was the perfect size for a smaller coffee table. Our wood coffee table is pretty dark so I thought I would bring in some contrast by making this tray nice and light and white!


Serving tray (any shape would work!)

All purpose gorilla glue


Paint & brush

tile serving platter_0000
Start by removing any stickers, removing the residue, and giving it a good wipe down from all dust.

tile serving platter_0001

Next I grabbed some acrylic white paint and got to work! This took two coats. I didn’t waste my time or paint with covering what I knew my tiles would cover.

tile serving platter_0002tile serving platter_0003

Let the paint dry and then get to applying your gorilla glue on the back of your tiles and placing on the tray.

tile serving platter_0004tile serving platter_0005

Rather then getting intense with a tile cutter, I kind of like the organic look of having the edge of the tiles create space between the tray. I know it might not be for everyone but I am loving it, kind of reminds me even more of a honeycomb- natural.

tile serving platter_0006

Let dry based on directions of your epoxy and get to enjoying with your guest!!

tile tray_0000tile tray_0001

Oh and can we talk about how it perfectly matches these tile coasters I made awhile back??

tile tray_0002

Oh happy day!