Honey Tumeric Milk Tea

Trendy Tuesday

Yes, I am delving into some more holistic health approaches for Trendy Tuesday!  We generally love to tap into trends in fashion, beauty, and even food trends…but my favorite posts are the ones that navigate some of the popular holistic treatments for health and immune system strength.  It is a very personal point of interest for me, and I almost always love the irony of ancient treatments meeting 21st Century trends.  I mean, honestly, there IS humor in calling folk and ayurvedic practices trendy or fashionable, right?

In any case, I adore the trend towards holistic health treatments.  I am a big believer in strengthening my immune system (and my crazy family of five’s) naturally, so I am always on board for trying the latest, greatest.  This tumeric tea surprised me though.  It really helped me with the common cold, and the taste might have created a new craving.  Basically, move over chai latte…there is a new kid in town!  And this kid is a helper!  (Read here and here, if you want to know more of the nitty gritty about tumeric and it’s health benefits).tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0000

Honey Tumeric Milk Tea

2-3 chunks of fresh numeric root, grated (or 1 tbls tumeric powder)

1 chunk of fresh ginger root, grated

1 cinnamon stick

1 tables honey

2 cups of milk, or any milk alternative (soy, almond, coconut, etc)
tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0001Start with your milk in a medium sized, heavy bottomed pot.  Grate the fresh tumeric and fresh ginger right into the milk.  The color is gorgeous!tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0002The honey is optional, but it honestly has enough merits of it’s own for your health that I usually don’t shy away from it.  I used just one tablespoon.tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0003Add the cinnamon stick and then place your pot on a medium-low flame.  You want to warm the milk and spices without boiling.tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0004Once your “tea” is hot, simply pour it through a strainer and get ready to sip and smile!tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0005tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0006This really is such a beautiful tea!  It is not often that something this delicious turns out to be this beneficial to your health.  If this is a new brew for you, I encourage you to give it a go.  Kids and finicky adults alike will agree….this is nom nom!

Cheers to your health! xoxo